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Photo Index of California Salamanders
These are pictures of every kind of indigenous salamander in California along with any well-established non-indigenous species.

You can also look at an Expanded Photo Index of California Salamanders, with maps, more pictures of each species, and a few identification tips.

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Go to California Salamanders Overview to read a general description of the natural history of California's salamanders.

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California Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma californiense

Northwestern Salamander
Ambystoma gracile
Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander
Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum
Southern Long-toed Salamander
Ambystoma macrodactylum sigillatum
California Giant Salamander Dicamptodon ensatus Coastal Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon tenebrosus

Clouded Salamander
Aneides ferreus
Speckled Black Salamander
Aneides flavipunctatus flavipunctatus

(Speckled Black Salamander -
Aneides flavipunctatus

Shasta Black Salamander -
Aneides iecanus

Klamath Black Salamander -
Aneides klamathensis)
Santa Cruz Black Salamander
Aneides flavipunctatus niger
(AKA Aneides niger)
Arboreal Salamander
Aneides lugubris

Wandering Salamander
Aneides vagrans
Greenhorn Mountains
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps altasierrae
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps attenuatus
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps bramei
Inyo Mountains
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps campi
Hell Hollow
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps diabolicus

Gabilan Mountains
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps gavilanensis
San Gabriel Mountains
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps gabrieli

Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps gregarius
San Simeon
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps incognitus
    © Mario Garcia-Paris  
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps kawia
Santa Lucia Mountains
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps luciae

Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps major aridus
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps major major

Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps minor
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps nigriventris
Channel Islands
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps pacificus
Kings River
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps regius

Relictual Slender Salamander
© William Flaxington      
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps relictus
Kern Plateau
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps robustus
Kern Canyon
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps simatus
Slender Salamander

Batrachoseps stebbinsi

Yellow-blotched Ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii croceater
Monterey Ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii eschscholtzii
Large-blotched Ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii klauberi
Oregon Ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis x

Sierra Nevada Ensatina
Painted Ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii picta
Sierra Nevada Ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii platensis
Yellow-eyed Ensatina
Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica
Limestone Salamander
Hydromantes brunus

Shasta Salamander Shasta Salamander Shasta Salamander
Mount Lyell Salamander
Hydromantes platycephalus

Samwel Shasta Salamander
Hydromantes samweli
Shasta Salamander
Hydromantes shastae
Wintu Shasta Salamader
Hydromantes wintu
Scott Bar Salamander
Plethodon asupak
Dunn's Salamander
Plethodon dunni

Del Norte Salamander
Plethodon elongatus
Siskiyou Mountains Salamander
Plethodon stormi
Southern Torrent Salamander
Rhyacotriton variegatus
Rough-skinned Newt
Taricha granulosa

Red-bellied Newt
Taricha rivularis
Sierra Newt
Taricha sierrae
(Taricha torosa sierrae - Sierra Newt)
Coast Range Newt
Taricha torosa
(Taricha torosa torosa - California Newt)

Alien Species

  © Alan Barron    
Western Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma mavortium
(Alien Species)

Western Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma mavortium
(Alien Species)
Western Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma mavortium
(Alien Species)
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