California Turtles Range Maps

A Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of California

These maps illustrate the general historic range of established native and non-native turtles found in California.

Red, or another color indicated below the map, shows this distribution. Turtles of the species or subspecies shown are expected to be found within the illustrated area in places where suitable habitat and conditions occur. In some cases, the current range may be fragmented or considerably diminished from the range illustrated here.
While there have been a couple of established locations for Green Seaturtles, Seaturtles generally show up unpredictably at various locations in coastal waters and beaches. Locations that I have found so far for each species are shown here.

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More Lists And Information About California Turtles

range map range map range map
Pond Turtle Desert Mud Turtle Mohave Desert Tortoise
Actinemys marmorata
- Northwestern Pond Turtle

Actinemys pallida - Southwestern Pond Turtle
Red: Kinosternon sonoriense sonoriense - Desert Mud Turtle

(Extinct in California)
 Red: Gopherus agassizii - Mohave Desert Tortoise
Sea Turtles
range map range map range map
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle Leatherback Sea Turtle
Red dots: Caretta caretta - Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Red dots: Chelonia mydas - Green Sea Turtle Red dots: Dermochelys coriacea - Leatherback Sea Turtle
range map range map  
Pacific Hawksbill Sea Turtle Olive Ridley Sea Turtle  
Red: Eretmochelys imbricata bissa -
Pacific Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Red dots: Lepidochelys olivacea - Olive Ridley Sea Turtle  
Non-Native Species
range map range map range map
Snapping Turtle Western Painted Turtle Red-eared Slider
Red dots: Chelydra serpentina - Snapping Turtle
Red: Chrysemys picta bellii - Western Painted Turtle
Red: Trachemys scripta elegans - Red-eared Slider
  range map  
  Texas Spiny Softshell  
  Red: Apalone spinifera emoryi - Texas Spiny Softshell



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