A Guide to the Amphibians
and Reptiles of California

Fieldherping Links

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Fieldherping Ethics and Etiquette Some simple rules to herp by.
Photos From the Field Pictures of people herping that I've taken in the field.
And a few shots of good trash sites, roads, and other field-related things.
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Regulations

Captive Propogation
State laws pertaining to the collection of California reptiles and amphibians.
Internet Herping Forums
A list of public forums that focus on observations of reptiles and amphibians in the field.
Online Fieldherping Reports Links A list to online archives of herping reports from the field.
North American Field Herping Association (N.A.F.H.A.) An organization of North American herping enthusiasts with regional chapters, including one for all of California.
Stebbins Field Guide Index

Single-page quick indexes to Stebbins' Field Guide to western herps, 3rd Edition.

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