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You can communicate with me about this site by Email to the above address only. Please don't send Text Messages, call on the phone, or send email to other addresses.

Please write something in the subject line that shows that your message is regarding this website and is not Spam.

This is a web site about wild animals, not pets, so please do not ask for information about pet care, animal husbandry, buying and selling animals, or getting rid of unwanted herps. Also, please do not ask for help finding animals in the wild or for help with your homework.

For Help Identifying a Reptile or Amphibian

Email a picture of the animal, if you have one, for the best results (or a short video if that's all you have) and please


The closest city or town, will do. I don't need a gps location or zip code.
I get mail from all over the world so this helps to narrow down the possibilities.

If you can't send a picture:

Give a general description of the animal - the color, markings, shape and size, when you saw it (day or night), where it was (in water, on land, on a wall or rock or tree etc.), and what it was doing - coiled up, moving quickly or slowly, etc.

You can also use the Identification section to try to identify an animal yourself.

Pictures of unusual animals or animals found where they're not supposed to be, including escaped or abandoned pets, are also welcome, so feel free to send reports and questions and pictures of those also.

Using Pictures, Sounds, or Videos found on this Web Site

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