A Guide to the Amphibians
and Reptiles of California

Photographs of Reptiles and Amphibians from Outside of California

observation link offers a comprehensive look at California’s reptiles and amphibians. That's the main focus of this website, but my collection of herp photos has been expanding as I have traveled and lived elsewhere.

If you click on the links below, you can find species lists that will take you to pictures of some of the reptiles and amphibians that are found outside of California in Western North America (along with additional pictures of some of the California species and their habitats where they occur outside California, and a few herps from other continents.)

I don't intend to cover every species outside of California or offer in-depth coverage of any species, just to show some of the pictures I have taken of the animals and their habitat.

A complete list of all the reptiles and amphibians from Washington and Oregon with pictures of most of them along with a few others from Idaho, Wyoming, and British Columbia.
Pictures of many of the reptiles and amphibians found in Arizona and New Mexico, and a few from Nevada and Utah and western Oklahoma.

Photos of some of the reptiles and amphibians found on the Baja California peninsula and offshore islands.

Photos of a few of the reptiles and amphibians found in Australia that I was able to photograph.
Pictures of most of the salamanders from the Appalachian Mountains Region of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky.
Pictures of many of the reptiles and amphibians from the state of Texas.
Pictures of assorted reptiles and amphibians from anywhere not included on any of the regional lists above, including Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Hawaii, India, and Mexico.

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