Australian Reptile and Amphibian Photos

The links on this list lead to a collection of photos of reptiles and amphibians I have photographed in Australia.
This is not even close to being a list of all of the reptiles and amphibians in Australia.

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Scientific Name Common Name Original Description Photo of Animal Alternate Names

Anura Frogs Duméril, 1806 (as Anoures)    
Adelotus Tusked Frogs Ogilby, 1907    
Adelotus brevis Tusked Frog (Gunther, 1863) tusked frog  
Cophixalus Rainforest Frogs Boettger, 1892   Nursery Frogs
Cophixalus ornatus Northern Ornate Nursery Frog (Fry, 1912) cophixalus Ornate Nursery Frog
Crinia (Australian Ground Frogs
with separated toes)
Tschudi, 1838    
Crinia parinsignifera Beeping Froglet Main, 1957 cophixalus Eastern Sign-bearing Froglet
Cyclorana (Water-holding Frogs) Steindachner, 1867    
Cyclorana alboguttata Green-striped Frog (Gunther, 1867) green striped frog Striped Burrowing Frog
Cyclorana novaehollandiae Eastern Snapping Frog Steindachner, 1867 eastern snapping frog New Holland Frog
Giant Water-holding Frog
New Holland Water-holding Frog
Wide-mouthed Frog
Cyclorana platycephala Water-holding Frog (Gunther, 1873) water holding frog  
Cyclorana verrucosa Rough Collared Frog Tyler & Martin, 1977 frog Rough Frog
Hylarana Wood Frogs (Steindachner, 1868)    
Hylarana daemeli Wood Frog (Steindachner, 1868) wood frog Rana daemeli -
Wood Frog
Limnodynastes Australian Swamp Frogs Fitzinger, 1843    
Limnodynastes peronii Striped Marsh Frog (Dumeril & Bibron, 1841) frog Brown-striped Frog
Litoria Australasian Treefrogs Tschudi, 1838    
Litoria caerulea Green Tree Frog (White, 1790) frog White's Tree Frog
Dumpy Tree Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog
Litoria chloris Southern Orange-eyed Tree Frog (Boulenger, 1893) frog Red-eyed Tree Frog
Litoria dahlii Dahl's Aquatic Frog (Boulenger, 1896) frog  
Litoria fallax Eastern Sedge Frog (Peters, 1880) frog Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog
Litoria gilleni Centralian Tree Frog (Spencer, 1896) frog  
Litoria gracilenta Graceful Tree Frog (Peters, 1869) frog Dainty Tree Frog
Litoria inermis Bumpy Rocket Frog (Peters, 1867) frog Floodplain Frog
Litoria jungguy Northern Stony-creek Frog Donnellan & Mahony, 2004 frog  
Litoria latopalmata Broad-palmed Rocket Frog Gunther, 1867 frog Broad-palmed Frog
Litoria myola Kuranda Tree Frog Hoskin 2007 frog  
Litoria nannotis Waterfall Frog (Andersson, 1916) frog Torrent Tree Frog
Litoria nasuta Striped Rocket Frog (Gray, 1842) frog Rocket Frog
Litoria nigrofrenata Tawny Rocket Frog (Gunther, 1867) frog Bridled Frog
Litoria pearsoniana Cascade Tree Frog (Copland, 1961) frog Pearson's Tree Frog
Litoria peronii Emerald-spotted Tree Frog (Tschudi, 1838) frog Peron's Tree Frog
Litoria rheocola Common Mist Frog Liem, 1974 frog Creek Frog
Litoria rothii Northern Laughing Tree Frog (De Vis, 1884) frog Roth's Tree Frog
Litoria rubella Desert Tree Frog (Gray, 1842) frog  
Litoria serrata Green-eyed Tree Frog (Andersson, 1916) frog  
Litoria tyleri Laughing Tree Frog (Martin, Watson, Gartside, Littlejohn & Loftus-Hills, 1979) frog  
Litoria wilcoxi Eastern Stony Creek Frog (Gunther, 1864) frog

Stony Creek Frog
Mixophyes Barred Frogs Günther, 1864    
Mixophyes coggeri Mottled Barred Frog Mahony, Donnellan, Richards & McDonald, 2006 frog  
Mixophyes fasciolatus Great Barred Frog Gunther, 1864 frog  
Mixophyes schevilli Northern Barred Frog Loveridge, 1933 frog


Nyctimystes Big-Eyed Tree Frogs Stejneger, 1916    
Nyctimystes dayi Australian Lace-lid (Gunther, 1897) frog

Litoria dayi
Day’s Frog
Lace-eyed Tree Frog
Day's Big-eyed Tree Frog

Platyplectrum Australian Burrowing Frogs Günther, 1863    
Platyplectrum ornatum


Ornate Burrowing-Frog (Gray, 1842) frog Opisthodon ornatus -
Ornate Burrowing Frog
Platyplectrum spenceri Centralian Burrowing-Frog (Parker, 1940) frog Opisthodon spenceri - Spencer's Burrowing Frog
Pseudophryne Toadlets (Ground Frogs) Fitzinger, 1843    
Pseudophryne raveni Copper-backed Broodfrog Ingram & Corben, 1994 frog Copper-backed Brood Frog
Rhinella South American Toads Fitzinger, 1826    
Rhinella marina Cane Toad (Linnaeus, 1758) frog Bufo marinus
Marine Toad
Uperoleia Toadlets Gray, 1841    
Uperoleia fusca Dusky Toadlet Davies, McDonald & Corben, 1986 frog  

Squamata Lizards Oppel, 1811    
Amalosia Small Velvet Geckos Wells & Wellington, 1984    
Amalosia lesueurii Lesueur's Velvet Gecko (Dumeril & Bibron, 1836) lizard Oedura lesueurii
Amphibolurus Lashtail Dragons Wagler, 1830    
Amphibolurus burnsi
Burns’ Dragon (Wells & Wellington, 1985) lizard Lophognathus burnsi
Amphibolurus gilberti Gilbert's Dragon Gray, 1842 lizard Lophognathus gilberti
Amphibolurus muricatus Jacky Dragon (White, ex Shaw, 1790)
lizard Jacky Lizard
Amphibolurus muricata
Carlia Rainbow Skinks Gray, 1845    
Carlia jarnoldae Lined Rainbow-Skink Covacevich & Ingram, 1975 lizard  
Carlia longipes Closed-litter Rainbow-skink (Macleay, 1877) lizard  
Carlia munda Striped Rainbow Skink (De Vis, 1885) lizard Shaded-litter Rainbow-skink
Carlia triacantha Desert Rainbow-skink (Mitchell, 1953) lizard  
Carphodactylus Chameleon Gecko Gunter, 1897    
Carphodactylus laevis Chameleon Gecko Gunther, 1897 lizard  
Chlamydosaurus Frilled Lizards Gray, 1827    
Chlamydosaurus kingii Frilled Lizard Gray, 1825 lizard Frill-necked Dragon
Frilled-neck Lizard
Frilled Dragon
Frilled Agama
Cryptoblepharus Snake-eyed Skinks Wiegmann, 1834    
Cryptoblepharus pulcher
Elegant Snake-eyed Skink (Sternfeld, 1918) lizard Cryptoblepharus suburbia
Cryptoblepharus virgatus Wall Skink (Garman, 1901) lizard Ablepharus virgatus
Striped Snake-eyed Skink
Ctenophorus Bicycle Dragons Fitzinger, 1848    
Ctenophorus caudicinctus Ring-tailed Dragon (Gunther, 1875) lizard  
Ctenophorus isolepis Central Military Dragon (Fischer, 1881) lizard  
Ctenophorus nuchalis Central Netted Dragon (De Vis, 1884) lizard Ctenophorus major
Ctenotus Striped Skinks Storr, 1964    
Ctenotus brooksi Brooks’ Ctenotus (Loveridge, 1933) lizard  
Ctenotus dux Narrow-lined Ctenotus
Storr, 1969 lizard Fine Side-lined Ctenotus
Ctenotus eutaenius Black-backed Yellow-lined Ctenotus Storr, 1981 lizard  
Ctenotus inornatus Bar-shouldered Ctenotus (J.E. Gray, 1845) lizard  
Ctenotus leonhardii Leonhard's Ctenotus (Sternfeld, 1919) lizard  
Ctenotus robustus Eastern Striped Skink Storr, 1970 lizard Eastern Robust Skink
Cyclodomorphus Pink-tongued Skinks Fitzinger, 1843   Slender Blue-tongued Skinks
Cyclodomorphus gerrardii Pink-tongued Skink (J.E. Gray, 1845) lizard  
Cyrtodactylus Ring-tailed Gecko     Bent-toed Geckos, Bow-fingered Geckos
Cyrtodactylus mcdonaldi Inland Ring-tailed Gecko
Shea, Couper, Worthington Wilmer & Amey, 2011 lizard  
Delma Delmas Gray, 1831    
Delma butleri Unbanded Delma Storr, 1987 lizard Spinifex Delma
Diporiphora Two-lined Dragons Gray, 1842    
Diporiphora bilineata Two-lined Dragon Gray, 1842 lizard  
Diporiphora magna Yellow-sided Two-lined Dragon Storr, 1974 lizard  
Diporiphora nobbi Nobbi Dragon (Witten, 1972) lizard Common Nobbi Dragon Nobby
Diplodactylus Stone Geckos Gray, 1882    
Diplodactylus conspicillatus Variable Fat-tailed Gecko Lucas & Frost, 1897 lizard Burrow-plug Gecko
Diplodactylus galeatus
Helmeted Gecko Kluge, 1963
lizard Mesa Gecko
Diplodactylus tesselatus Tesselated Gecko
Gunther, 1875 lizard  
Egernia Skinks Gray, 1838    
Egernia cunninghami Cunningham’s Skink (J.E. Gray, 1832) lizard  
Egernia hosmeri Hosmer’s Skink Kinghorn, 1955 lizard  
Egernia mcpheei Eastern Crevice Skink Wells & Wellington, 1984 lizard  
Egernia rugosa Yakka Skink De Vis, 1888 lizard  
Eremiascincus Sand-swimmers Greer, 1879    
Eremiascincus isolepis
Northern Bar-lipped Skink (Boulenger, 1887) lizard Sphenomorphus isolepis

Glaphyromorphus isolepis
Eulamprus Water Skinks Fitzinger, 1843    
Eulamprus amplus Lemon-barred Forest Skink (Covacevich & McDonald, 1980) lizard Concinnia amplus
Eulamprus brachysoma Northern Barsided Skink (Lonnberg & Andersson, 1915) lizard  
Eulamprus martini Dark Bar-sided Skink Wells & Wellington, 1985 lizard Concinnia martini
Eulamprus quoyi Eastern Water-skink (Dumeril & Bibron, 1839) lizard Eastern Water Skink
Gehyra Dtellas Gray, 1834   Web-toed Geckos
Gehyra dubia Dubious dtella (Macleay, 1877) lizard  
Gehyra purpurascens Purplish dtella Storr, 1982 lizard  
Gehyra robusta Robust Della King, 1983 lizard  
Gehyra versicolor Eastern Tree Dtella Hutchinson, Sistrom, Donnellan & Hutchinson, 2014 lizard Variable Dtella
Gnypetoscincus Rainforest Skink Wells and Wellington, 1984  
Gnypetoscincus queenslandiae Prickly Forest Skink (De Vis, 1890) lizard  
Gowidon   Wells & Wellington, 1985    
Gowidon longirostris
Long-nosed Dragon Boulenger, 1883 lizard Amphibolurus longirostris
Lophognathus longirostris

Long-nosed Water Dragon

Long-snouted Lashtail
Prickly Geckos Wermuth, 1965    
Heteronotia binoei
Bynoe's Gecko (Gray, 1845) lizard  
Hypsilurus Forest Dragons W. Peters, 1867    
Hypsilurus boydii Boyd's Forest Dragon (Macleay, 1884) lizard Northern Angle-headed Dragon
Lophosaurus boydii
Gonocephalus boydii
Tiaris boydii
Hypsilurus spinipes

Southern Angle-headed Dragon (Duméril & Duméril, 1851) lizard Rainforest Dragon,
Southern Forest Dragon
Lophosaurus spinipes
Gonocephalus spinipes
Intellagama Australian Water Dragon Wells & Wellington, 1985    
Intellagama lesueurii Eastern Water Dragon (Gray, 1831) lizard  
Lampropholis Sunskinks Fitzinger, 1843    
Lampropholis delicata Delicate Skink (De Vis, 1888) lizard Garden Skink
Rainbow Skink
Metallic Skink
Grass Skink
Plague Skink
Sliders Bell, 1833    
Lerista fragilis Eastern Mulch-slider (Gunther, 1876) lizard  
Lialis Burton's Legless Lizard Gray, 1835  
Lialis burtonis Burton's Legless Lizard Gray, 1835 lizard
Liopholis Skinks Fitzinger, 1843   Egernia
Liopholis inornata Desert Skink (Rosen, 1905) lizard  
Lucasium Ground Geckos Wermuth, 1965    
Lucasium immaculatum Pale-striped Ground Gecko (Storr, 1988) lizard Diplodactylus immaculatus
Lucasium steindachneri
Box-Patterned Gecko (Boulenger, 1885) lizard  
Lucasium stenodactylum Sandplain Gecko (Boulenger, 1896) lizard Diplodactylus stenodactylus

Crowned Gecko
Fire-tailed Skinks Gray, 1845    
Morethia taeniopleura Eastern Fire-tailed Skink

Peters, 1874

Nebulifera Robust Velvet Gecko Oliver, Bauer, Greenbaum, Jackman & Hobbie, 2012    
Nebulifera robusta
Robust Velvet Gecko (Boulenger, 1885)
Oeduera robusta
lizard Oedura robusta
Nephrurus Knob-tailed Geckos Gunther, 1876    
Nephrurus amyae Centralian Knob-tailed Gecko Couper, 1994 lizard Rough Knob-tailed Gecko
Nephrurus asper Prickly Knob-tailed Gecko Gunther, 1876 lizard Rough Knob-tailed Gecko
Nephrurus laevissimus
Pale Knob-tailed Gecko Mertens, 1958 lizard  
Nephrurus levis
Smooth Knob-tailed Gecko De Vis, 1886 lizard  
Oedura Velvet Geckos Gray, 1842    
Oedura cincta Inland Marbled Velvet Gecko De Vis, 1888 lizard  
Oedura coggeri Northern Spotted Velvet Gecko Bustard, 1966 lizard  
Oedura monilis Ocellated Velvet Gecko De Vis, 1888 lizard  
Oedura tryoni Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko De Vis, 1884 lizard  
Pogona Bearded Dragons Storr, 1982    
Pogona barbata Eastern Bearded Dragon (Cuvier, 1829) lizard  
Pogona vitticeps Central Bearded Dragon (Ahl, 1926) lizard Inland Bearded Dragon
Phyllurus Leaf-tailed Geckos Schinz, 1822    
Phyllurus caudiannulatus Ringed Thin-tailed Gecko Covacevich, 1975 lizard  
Phyllurus nepthys

Eungella Broad-tailed Gecko Couper, Covacevich & Moritz, 1993 lizard Peppered-belly Broad-tailed Gecko
Pygopus Scaly-feet Merrem, 1820  
Pygopus nigriceps Western Hooded Scaly-foot (Fischer, 1882) lizard  
Beaked Gecko Gunther, 1867    
Rhynchoedura ormsbyi Eastern Beaked Gecko Wells & Wellington, 1985 lizard  
Rhyncoedura ornata Western Beaked Gecko Gunther, 1867 lizard  
Three-toed Skink Gray, 1831    
Saiphos equalis Three-toed Skink (Gray, 1825) lizard  
Saltuarius Leaf-tailed Geckos Couper, Covacevich & Moritz, 1993    
Saltuarius cornutus Northern Leaf-tailed Gecko (Obilby, 1892) lizard  
Saltuarius salebrosus Rough-throated Leaf-tailed Gecko (Covacevich, 1975) lizard  
Saltuarius wyberba
Wyberba Leaf-tailed Gecko Couper, Schneider, & Covacevich, 1997 lizard  
Saproscincus Shade Skinks Wells & Wellington, 1983    
Saproscincus tetradactylus Four-fingered Shadeskink (Greer & Kluge, 1980) lizard  
Strophurus Spiny-tailed Geckos Fitzinger, 1843   Striped Geckos
Strophurus ciliaris Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko (Boulenger, 1885) lizard
Strophurus intermedius Southern Spiny-tailed Gecko (Ogilby, 1892) lizard
Strophurus jeanae Southern Phasmid Gecko (Storr, 1988) lizard  
Strophurus krisalys Kristin's Spiny-tailed Gecko Sadlier, O’Meally & Shea, 2005 lizard  
Strophurus taenicauda Golden-Tailed Gecko
(De Vis, 1886) lizard  
Tiliqua Blue-tongued Skinks Gray, 1825   Blue Tongue Lizard
Blue-tongued Lizard Blue-tongues
Tiliqua multifasciata Centralian Blue-tongued Skink Sternfeld 1919 lizard Centralian Blue-tongue
Tiliqua scincoides Common Blue-tongued Skink (White, 1790) lizard Eastern Blue-tongue
Northern Blue-tongue
Australian Blue-tongued Skink
Tympanocryptis Earless Dragons Peters, 1868    
Tympanocryptis tetraporophora Eyrean Earless Dragon Lucas & Frost, 1895 lizard  
Goannas Merrem, 1820    
Varanus acanthurus Ridge-tailed Monitor Boulenger, 1885 lizard  
Varanus giganteus Perentie (Gray, 1845) lizard  
Varanus gouldii Gould's Monitor
(Gray, 1838) lizard Sand Goanna
Varanus panoptes Yellow-spotted Monitor Storr, 1980 lizard  
Varanus spenceri Spencer's Monitor Lucas & Frost, 1903 lizard  
Varanus tristis Black-headed Monitor (Schlegel, 1839) lizard Black-tailed Monitor
Freckled Monitor
Varanus varius Lace Monitor (White, ex Shaw, 1790) lizard  

Squamata Snakes Oppel, 1811    
Acrochordus File Snakes Hornstedt, 1787   Wart Snake
Java File Snake
Acrochordus arafurae
Arafura File Snake McDowell, 1979 snake Elephant Trunk Snake, Wrinkle File Snake
Anilios Blind Snakes Gray, 1845    
Anilios grypus
Long-beaked Blind Snake (Waite, 1918) snake Ramphotyphlops grypus

Ramphotyphlops nigroterminatus
Antaresia Children’s Pythons Wells & Wellington, 1984    
Antaresia stimsoni Stimson's Python (Smith, 1985) snake Large-blotched Python
Liasis stimsoni
Boiga Cat-Eyed Snakes Fitzinger, 1826   Cat Snakes
Boiga irregularis

Brown Tree Snake (Merrem, 1802) snake Night tiger
Doll's eye snake
Boiga fusca
Brachyurophis Shovel-nosed Snakes Günther, 1863    
Brachyurophis fasciolatus
Narrow-banded Shovel-nosed Snake   snake Simoselaps fasciolatus
Brachyurophis incinctus Unbanded Shovel-nosed Snake (Storr, 1968) snake  
Cacophis Crowned Snakes Gunther, 1863    
Cacophis squamulosus Golden-crowned Snake (Dumeril, Bibron & Dumeril, 1854) snake  
Cryptophis Small-eyed Snakes Worrell, 1961   Rhinoplocephalus
Cryptophis nigrescens Eastern Small-eyed Snake
(Gunther, 1862) snake Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens
Denisonia nigrescens
Demansia Whipsnakes Gunther, 1858    
Demansia psammophis Yellow-Faced Whipsnake (Schlegel, 1837) snake  
Furina Naped Snakes A.M.C. Duméril, 1853    
Furina ornata
Orange-naped Snake (Gray, 1842) snake Moon Snake
Morelia Carpet Pythons & Relatives Gray, 1842    
Morelia kinghorni Scrub Python (Stull, 1933) snake Amethystine Python
Amethyst Python
Liasis amethistina kinghorni
Morelia amethistina
Morelia spilota Carpet Python (Lacepede, 1804) snake Carpet Snake
Bredl’s Python
Inland Rivers Carpet Python
Python spilotes
Parasuta Hooded Snakes Orrell, 1961    
Parasuta monachus
Monk Snake (Storr, 1964) snake Hooded Snake
Suta monachus
Pseudechis Black Snakes Wagler, 1830    
Pseudechis australis Mulga Snake (Gray, 1842) snake King Brown Snake
Naja australis
Pseudechis weigeli
Pygmy Mulga Snake (Wells & Wellington, 1987) snake Weigel’s Black Snake
Brown Snakes Gunther, 1858    
Pseudonaja mengdeni
Western Brown Snake Wells & Wellington, 1985 snake Mengden’s Brown Snake
Pseudonaja modesta Ringed Brown Snake (Gunther, 1872) snake  
Simoselaps Burrowing Banded Snakes Jan, 1859    
Simoselaps anomalus Desert Banded Snake (Sternfeld, 1919) snake  
Slaty Snakes Dumeril, Bibron & Dumeril, 1854    
Stegonotus cucullatus Slaty-grey Snake (Dumeril, Bibron & Dumeril, 1854) snake  
Suta Stitched Snakes Worrell, 1961    
Suta suta Curl Snake (Peters, 1863) snake Myall Snake
Denisonia suta
Keelback Jan, 1863    
Tropidonophis mairii Keelback (Gray, 1841) snake Freshwater Snake
Natrix mairii
Aphibiesma mairii
Styporhynchus mairii
Order Testudines Turtles Linnaeus, 1758   Chelonii
Chelodina Long-necked Turtles Fitzinger, 1826    
Chelodina longicollis Eastern Snake-necked Turtle (Shaw, 1794) Eastern Long-necked Turtle
Wollumbinia Saw-shelled Turtles Wells, 2007    
Wollumbinia bellii Bell’s Turtle (Gray, 1844) Bald Rock Creek Turtle
Elseya belli
Elseya latisternum
Myuchelys bellii
Wollumbinia latisternum Saw-shelled Turtle Gray, 1867 Elseya latisternum

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