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Gopher Snake - Pituophis catenifer

Sonoran Gophersnake - Pituophis catenifer affinis

(Hallowell, 1852)
Species Description
Southwest Page

range map
Approximate range of P. catenifer
Yellow = range of P. c. affinis
Click map to enlarge and see other subspecies names.

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Sonoran Gopher Snake Sonoran Gopher Snake Sonoran Gopher Snake
  Adult, Presidio County, Texas  
  Sonoran Gopher Snake  
  Adult, Brewster County, Texas
Sonoran Gopher Snake habitat Sonoran Gopher Snake habitat  
Habitat, Presidio County, Texas Habitat, Presidio County, Texas  
Short Videos
Sonoran Gopher Snake Sonoran Gopher Snake Sonoran Gopher Snake
A huge Sonoran Gophersnake puts on an impressive defensive display of hissing and blowing. Gophersnakes in the wild often take a defensive stance when threatened; they hiss, rear up, and sometimes even strike at the threat in order to protect themselves from harm. In this video, a newly-hatched juvenile Sonoran Gopher Snake trying to cross a road at night is threatened by the bright light and the video camera stuck in its face so it hisses loudly and strikes at the camera before crawling away. A Sonoran Gophersnake races across a road just after sunset.

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