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Mexican Treefrog - Sounds of Smilisca baudinii

(Duméril and Bibron, 1841)
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Mexican Treefrog

More pictures of this frog
can be viewed here.

Advertisement Calls

An advertisement call is the most well-known call of a frog. It is produced by a male frog in order to attract females during the breeding season and to warn other rival males of his presence. Frogs usually make the calls around bodies of water that are suitable for breeding and egg laying. These calls can be heard during the evening and at night, and sometimes during daylight at the peak of the breeding season.

The advertisement call of the Mexican Treefrog is a series of short quick notes medium in pitch with occasional chuckles. The notes are repeated 5 to 12 times in 2 or 3 seconds at 2 to 3 second intervals.

Below are recordings of the advertisement calls of a group of Mexican Treefrogs recorded at night from the edge of a resaca in Cameron County, Texas (shown below as it looked in daylight.) The high-pitched drone of insects can be heard in the background.
sound  5 second recording.

sound  21 second recording.
Mexican Treefrog habitat


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