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Southern California Reptiles and Amphibians
App for Android and iPhone


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Southern California Reptiles and Amphibians - an inexpensive electronic field guide app to the southern half of the state, which contains one of the most diverse assemblages of herps in the country - is now available for Android, the iPhone and iPod touch. It can also run on the iPad. You don't need to be connected to the internet to use it, but you can take advantage of extra features if you have internet connectivity.

Whether you're an experienced herper or just someone trying to identify a lizard in your backyard, you will appreciate the electronic features that help you identify and learn about each species, including everything you expect from a full-featured field guide and more:

  • More than 2300 Color Pictures - contributed by some of the most talented herp photographers in the country, with nearly 20 pictures for each species showing various age classes, color and pattern morphs, full body and head shots, dorsal and ventral views, and pictures of typical habitat.

  • Search Feature - enter the county, habitat, geomorphic province, and/or elevation to limit the number of options as you try to identify an animal. You can also look at thumbnails of full body shots or head shots for the various possibilities, and you can search through the Latin names, common names, or both. Using any one of these methods, you can navigate to a species description and the corresponding collection of photos. 

  • Glossary - technical terms show up as links that lead to definitions.

  • Recordings of Frog and Toad Calls

  • Identification Tips

  • Links to Similar Species

  • Range and Habitat Information

  • Taxonomy Notes

  • Descriptions of Currently Recognized Subspecies

  • Conservation Status Information

  • References for each species description (with more links that are live if you are connected to the Internet.)

    To see page views of Southern California Reptiles and Amphibians and to buy the app, go to Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Follow the "View in iTunes" link on the Preview Page or search the iTunes App Store for "Southern California Reptiles" and it will pop up.  And don't forget to tell a friend!


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