A Guide to the Amphibians
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Rubber Boas found in California


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Not Dangerous
Rubber Boas do not have venom that is dangerous to most humans.

Rubber boas are thick-bodied, blunt-tailed, slow-moving snakes found in moist areas in grassland, chaparral, woodland, and forest.  Active on the surface mostly at night, often at low temperatures for snakes. Usually found crossing roads at night and under surface objects such as rocks, logs, and boards.

Two species occur in California. Check the range map to determine which one occurs in your area.

Rubber Boa - Charina bottae bottae
Southern Rubber Boa - Charina umbratica
Red: Charina bottae - Northern Rubber Boa

Blue: Charina umbratica - Southern Rubber Boa

Orange: area where the species of rubber boa
is recognized as potentially C. umbratica by the CDFW.

Purple: Area representing recently-discovered
boas of unexamined species, most likely C. bottae.

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