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Northwestern Salamander - Ambystoma gracile

(Baird, 1859)

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Adult, King County, Washington Adult, Snohomish County, Washington Adult, King County, Washington

A large adult with reduced gills, 5,700 ft., Pierce county, Washington, found on land at the edge of a lake. This salamander appears to be transforming from an aquatic to a terrestrial existence.

Large old aquatic neotenic adult in high-altitude lake, 5,700 ft.,
Pierce County, Washington
Aquatic larva, King County, Washington.
More pictures of larvae here.
Neotenic or paedomorphic adult, from near sea level in King County, Washington. Egg mass. More pictures of eggs and larvae and here.  
Breeding pond, Pacific County, Washington. Mountain lake habitat, 5,700 ft.,
Pierce County, Washington
Breeding Pond, King County, Washington
Habitat, King County, Washington Breeding pond,
Pacific County, Washington
Breeding pond,
Pacific County, Washington
Short Videos
An adult Northwestern Salamander paedomorph (still has gills and lives in water permanently - never transformed to live on land) swims around in a shallow pan of water. It's motion is slowed down at the end to showoff its graceful movement.

A look at a breeding pond during the February breeding season, including several egg masses, and a paedomorph in the water at night.  
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