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Stanley  (1972)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Stanley Stanley Stanley
Stanley Stanley Stanley
Stanley Stanley Stanley
"Tim has a pet rattlesnake. When Tim gets mad - Stanley gets deadly!"

Stanley is the name of Tim's favorite rattlesnake. (They used real Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes in the movie, but none of the actors died from snakebite, so they must have been the friendly kind.) Tim takes Stanley for rides in his truck, where Stanley sits on the seat or the dash. Stanley's wife is named Hazel, and Tim likes to dress her up with flowers around her neck. She has three children that don't wander away from their crib full of sand. Hazel and Stanley sleep in matching wooden canopy beds with their names on them, and eat dinner at the table with Tim. Their favorite meal is Mouse Under Glass. Stanley brings Tim a canteen full of water when he's doing yard work. Tim also has a bunch of other snakes that he keeps in bare wooden cages in the cabin. He likes to take them out so they can play on the floor. They must like it there very much because they don't ever try to escape like normal snakes would.
Stanley Stanley Stanley
Stanley Stanley Stanley
Stanley Stanley
Stanley Stanley Stanley
When Tim gets mad, he uses Stanley to kill his enemies. He likes to tell Stanley to "Bite Him" but mostly Stanley seems to act on his own, even crawling onto a pit of quicksand, but instead ofbiting someone, he just sits there and watches two guys sink. Mostly Tim gets mad at the guys who want him to collect snakes for him so they can make them into belts to sell, but he also gets mad at a woman snake dancer he gave snakes to who decided to bite their heads off in her act to draw a bigger crowd. He uses his other non-venomous pet snakes to kill also, including boa constrictors and indigo snakes that he dumps into a pool. The snakes mob and kill a guy who just wanted to take a swim.
Stanley Stanley  

Tim provides harmless snakes to a woman who dances with them in a nightclub. When that doesn't draw in the crowds, her husband forces her to bite a snake's head off to end the act. That makes Tim really really angry.


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