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Snakes in movies are sometimes treated like a piece of rope that can be tossed at someone, thrown
around somebody's neck or used as a whip. In the real world, none of these things are recommended.

This is an alphabetical list of movies in this category for those who want to browse by category instead of by the main list.

You can see more pictures and read a description of the snake scenes by following the title link.

Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching a film.



The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)  

Two men try to kill him, then hide in a pit, so Cable throws rattlesnakes into the pit to force them out.
Ballad of Cable Hogue
Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even (Step Kids) (1992) 

Two boys encounter a rattlesnake in the woods and one of them picks it up by the tail and whips it to death.
Big Girls Don't Cry
Billy Jack (1971)  

Billy Jack performs a snake ceremony in a walled ring, dancing around in a circle with a rattlesnake getting bitten repeatedly until he finally grabs the snake and throws it across the ring.
Billy Jack
Call Her Savage (1932)  

A rattlesnake scares her horse and throws her to the ground, so Clara Bow takes her horse whip and angrily whips the snake to death.
Call Her Savage
Chato's Land (1972)   

Charles Bronson hurls a rattlesnake off a hill onto a bad guy. End of bad guy.
Chato's Land
Cowboy (1958)  

A cowboy finds a rattlesnake at their campsite so he picks it up with a stick and throws it. It gets thrown back and forth until somebody gets bit.
Devil Woman (1970) 

A woman with snakes growing out of her head can control snakes and uses them to kill people. She throws one at a Kung Fu master, but he punches it away.
Devil Woman
Drunken Master II (The Legend of Drunken Master) (1994) A young woman who sells snakes in an outdoor food market in China throws bags full of her snakes at soldiers to make them drop their guns.


Drunken Master 2 Screenshot
Escort West (1958) 

A man picks up a rattlesnake and throws it around the neck of an Indian warrior who is chasing him.
Escort West

Escort West
Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)  

Indy is pulled out of quicksand with a snake that is thrown him to be used as a rope.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Joshua (aka Black Rider) (1976) 

A man drops a rattlesnake over a cliff onto another man who gets snakebit and dies.
Labyrinth (1986) 

The Goblin King turns his crystal ball into a snake then throws it around the neck of a teenage girl to warn her to forget about her stolen baby brother. The snake wraps around her neck, then turns into a scarf.
Late August at the Hotel Ozone (1967)

Two women find a snake in the forest, one is terrified, the other picks it up, examines it, then kills it with her bare hands and throws it at the second woman.
Late August at the Hotel Ozone (The End of August at the Hotel Ozone
Meltdown (Shu dan long wei) (1995) 

A terrorist throws dozens of deadly snakes at a woman to force her to do what he wants.
The Mummy Returns (2001)

Snakes are kicked and tossed throughout this movie. First, a woman kicks a snake at her husband, then a second woman throws a deadly Egyptian asp at a man's face, but he catches it and throws it right back into another guy's face, in a snake double toss.

The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns
Nadine (1987)   

A box full of snake-handler rattlesnakes is used as a threat until the intended victim turns the tables and throws them at the guy who threatened him.
Never Say Never Again (1983) 

A female spy throws her pet Boa Constrictor into a man's car causing him to lose contraol and crash into a wall.

Never Say Never Again
The Perils of Pauline (1914) 

A Gypsy woman hides a snake under flowers in a basket and gives it to a woman hoping it will bite her and kill her. Her boyfriend finds it and whips it to death.
The Perils of Pauline
Race With the Devil (1975) 

Devil cultists put some rattlesnakes inside a Winnebago to kill some unhappy campers. Peter Fonda grabs one by the neck, whips it to death, and throws it out the door.
Race With the Devil
Road to Zanzibar (1941) 

Bob Hope finds a snake in the bed of his jungle tent and throws it.
Road to Zanzibar
Shalako (1968) 

Sean Connery picks up a rattlesnake and whips it to death on the ground because he's a yellow-bellied sissy who's afraid of a little ole snake.
Six Days Seven Nights (1998)   

Harrison Ford pulls a snake out of Anne Heche's pants and throws it like a pro quarterback.
Six Days Seven Nights
Snakes (aka Fangs) (1974)  

An old snake collector kills off his enemies with venomous snakes that he throws at them.
Soldier (1998) 

A snake crawls up to a woman gardening on a planet used as a garbage dump so she whacks it with her gardening tool and throws it away.
The Tall Texan (1953) 

A man shoots a rattlesnake, then picks it up and uses it to whip another man.
The Tall Texan
Vanishing Point (1971) 

A desert rat collects rattlesnakes for a snake-handling cult, but his customer refuses to buy his latest batch and throws them out of their basket.
Vanishing Point
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)   

 A young boy picks up a rattlesnake with his bare hand and throws it to his brother.
Walk Hard
Wind Across the Everglades (1958)

An outlaw poacher named Cottonmouth carries a pet venomous snake in his pocket that he thows at people when he needs them to die of "natural causes."
Wind Across the Everglades
Women in Cages (1971) 

A snake crawls through a barred prison window so a woman prisoner puts it on her cellmate to kill her.
Women In Cages

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