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Shadow of the Hawk (1976)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk
Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk
Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk
Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk Shadow of the Hawk
This is a strange thriller or horror story dealing with Native American black magic that was shot around Vancouver Canada with some beautiful scenery. Chief Dan George is "a man of power," a Northwest Indian medicine man named Old Man Hawk, who is fighting the spirit of an evil sorceress dead hundreds of years named Dsonoqua who is mad at him because his ancesters had her killed after she killed her children and husband. He travels to the big city to get his half-Indian grandson Mike (Jean-Michael Vincent) to take him back to his village and teach him to succeed him as a medicine man. Mike brings along Maureen (Marilyn Hassett) a woman he just met who helped his grandfather. During their travels they are attacked by a 1950s car with giant tail fins that is full of some kind of evil spirits, stranding their SUV and forcing them to stay overnight in a barn. As they talk, we see quick cutaways to a mysterious woman with a snake painted on her face (Dsonoqua playd by Mariane Jones) who is dancing to music holding a Milk Snake, which I suppose we're supposed to think is a deadly snake because it has red, white and black bands making it look vaguely like a coral snake. Finally the snake appears in the barn as the three are sleeping and crawls up to Old Man Hawk and bites him on the hand. He jumps up and struggles to remove the snake from his hand then throws the snake down to the ground. Then he picks up the long wooden staff he's been carrying around, aims it at the snake and uses his magic to set the snake on fire. He tells his son that he needs to continue on to his village where he has medicine to cure the bite or else he will die the next night. After more battles with the Dodge, a bear, some wolves, and other spirits, they get to the cave where he drinks something and the effects of the bite are rapidly healed. There are more spirit battles and ghosts and voodoo dolls and other mystical mumbo jumbo and a romance between Mike and Maureen, but no more snakes.

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