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Nagin (1976)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Nagin Nagin Nagin
Nagin Nagin
Nagin Nagin Nagin
Nagin Nagin Nagin
Nagin Nagin Nagin
Six men secretly watch a woman dancing in the forest at night with her lover, sometimes writhing on the ground like a snake in the grass, with a cobra painted on her palm. The men don't know that she is a Nagin, a woman who can take on the form of a snake or of a woman. We see her lover turn into a snake (in some not-so-spectatcular special effects where he simply rapidly shrinks in size and fades into a snake.) We see him later crawling on the ground and even flying through the air past her as she does the undulating arms-overhead palms-overlapping snake dance. When he appears dangling over her head, one of the men shoots it fearing that it was going to attack the woman. That guy never learned that if you hurt or kill one of a pair of mating cobras, you die. The snake woman then starts killing the men one by one, changing into different female forms as needed, sharing the snake woman role with the various female cast members.
The snake woman in snake form takes the daughter of one of the men hostage, then they fight with the snake flying through the air. Finally, in a totally believable scene, the man throws a rope from the top of a high-rise building to the one across the street, and tries to pull himself across the rope with his bloody hands an his daughter hanging off him while the snake chases him across the rope. Yeah, that could happen.

Watch a dance scene on Youtube
Nagin Nagin Nagin
We see two cobras fighting in one scene with lots of biting and rolling around.

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