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Fair Game (1988)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Fair Game Fair Game Fair Game
Fair Game Fair Game
Fair Game Fair Game Fair Game

"A deadly creature…a crazed killer…and a game of terror."     
"When play time turnes to prey time."

An evil electronics expert and video game programmer is so upset that his hot ex-girlfriend moved out on him (the actress, Trudie Styler, married Sting a couple years later) that he decides to kill her. Most guys would have just used a gun or a knife or maybe some poison or a blunt object to the head, but Dr. Evil here decided to get fancy, by buying a deadly Black Mamba (yep, another one - this species must have a very good agent) from a creepy guy with wire cages full of snakes out in the desert, and releasing it in his girlfriends cool 80's LA loft which has only one door and no windows, making it easy to lock her inside and cut off her phone until the snake bites her and she dies. But that's not enough fun for him, so he puts tracking devices on her and on the snake so he can watch two icons - one for the snake and one for her - on his portable computer screen, showing where each one is in the loft. It's the absolute worst video game ever, even by 1980's standards. The computer even talks to him, constantly reminding him of the time, because the snake has been shot up with sex hormones so it is much more agressive than usual, and has much more venom, and if it doesn't bite someone in 60 minutes, it will die. That's an awful lot of unnecessary set-up for what is nothing more than an excuse to watch a woman run around in her underwear chased by a snake to a Giorgio Moroder synth soundtrack.


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