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Devil Woman (1970)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Devil Woman Devil Woman Devil Woman
Devil Woman Devil Woman Devil Woman
Devil Woman Devil Woman Devil Woman
Devil Woman Devil Woman Devil Woman
Devil Woman Devil Woman Devil Woman
This is a Phillipine movie that's part snake woman horror revenge story and part Kung-fu martial arts movie that has little to recommend about it so I have no misgivings about spoiling the whole plot here. I have been waiting a long time for the Criterion Blu-ray release of this film, but I got impatient and finally had to break down and watch an ancient VHS copy that is part of a series of "Sexy Shockers" although there is nothing remotely sexy about this movie or shocking either, except maybe the picture quality and the dubbed English dialogue which is some of the most hilarious dubbing I have ever heard, with the words pronounced correctly but with the intonations, the pacing, and the inflections almost consistenly wrong throughout the movie.

In the beginning, a man's wife gives birth to what he calls a "monster" baby named Manda. It's hard to tell why, except that we see some snakes in the room where she is born. As she grows up we see that she has the ability to control snakes. We see a close-up of her eyes looking strange and hear some weird music as she waves one hand. Then we hear a stacatto hissing sound and see snakes either coming or going under her control. Since Manda's birth, many people have been killed by snake bite the cause of which, according to a wise man, has to be the devil because snakes are controlled by the devil after dark. As a girl, Manda always wears a scarf on her head. When young kids gang up on her and try to force her to take off her scarf, a boy reaches under it and is bitten by venomous snakes. This turns the villagers into an angry mob that kills her parents and burns down their house, but not before her mother sends her away safely. The snake girl is a sympathetic character, but this tragedy turns her into a revenge-hungry moster.

After she grows up, Manda returns to the village to kill everyone involved with the deaths of her parents. At the same time, a gang of bandits is terrorizing the village and a Kung Fu master from China arrives. Manda forces the bandits to help her kill the villagers by threatening them with snakes. They are only happy to comply, since killing and raping is what they do best. They all hide out in a large cave where Manda sits on a throne coverred with snakes. Meanwhile the Kung Fu master romances a young girl who is loved by one of her ex-servants who becomes one of the bandit leaders. He sends men again and again to fight the Chinese man, but his Kung Fu always wins. In a mood of self pity because she can't return the love of one of her friends from childhood since she's a monster, Manda finally removes her head covering and we see for the first time that her head is covered with snakes like Medusa. Later, during the climactic fight scene, she uncovers her Medusa head and tries to stop the Kung Fu master with snakes. We see here that she has the power to disappear and reappear at will, but she is no match for his Kung Fu. He flies around killing all the snakes she sends and she falls off a cliff, presumably to her death, unless they were planning a sequel, since we don't see her die.

We see a number of live cobras and pythons along with the fake snakes for her hair and probably some fake snakes in the fight scenes.

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