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Buried (2010)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Buried Buried Buried
Buried Buried Buried
This is a good suspenseful claustrophobic movie in which Ryan Reynolds is a civilian American truck driver working in Iraq in 2006 who wakes up tied and gagged and buried alive in a coffin. His kidnappers demand a ransom and eft him with a cell phone so he can make lots of phone calls. (I want the name of the carrier that gives him service underground and lets him talk to surly 911 operators half way around the world!) He's suffering from a lack of air, covered with dirt and sweat, trapped in a tight dark space, panicking from anxiety, screwed over by the corporate pigs he works so they can avoid paying his insurance if he dies, continually threatened with cell phone demands by his captors, fighting with his angry sister in law, and worst of all, forced to wait on hold with his HR department, but apparently NONE of that was scary enough. Some moron at the writer's table, probably a producer, had to convince everybody to throw in a snake: "I've got it! Watching a guy buried alive won't scare everybody, but everyone is afraid of snakes! We'll have the guy wake up to find it crawling under his pants, through his crotch, and down and out one of his pant legs. Then he'll toss alcohol on it and try to set it on fire with his cigarette lighter until he nearly burns himself to death while the snake crawls untouched out a crack in the coffin! Because everybody knows that snakes just swim around through sand without breathing, looking for coffins to sneak into." Everybody cheers, he starts writing his Oscar speech, and we end up suffering through yet another unnecessary stupid scene with the embodiment ofall evil and terror - a snake. Why didn't they just make a 90 minute movie of a guy trapped with a snake? (I know I'd watch it.)

You can watch the snake scene on Youtube.


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