Northwest Snakes

This is a list of snakes found in Oregon and Washington.
Click on the links to see groups of photographs of the snakes and their habitat.
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Scientific Name Common Name Picture
Charina bottae Northern Rubber Boa Northern Rubber Boa
Coluber constrictor mormon
(=Coluber mormon)
Western Yellow-bellied Racer western yellow-bellied racer

western yellow-bellied racer
Contia longicaudae Forest Sharp-tailed Snake Forest Sharp-tailed Snake
Contia tenuis Sharp-tailed Snake Sharp-tailed Snake

Sharp-tailed Snake
Crotalus oreganus lutosus Great Basin Rattlesnake great basin rattlesnake
Crotalus oreganus oreganus
(=Crotalus oreganus)
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake Northern Pacific Rattlesnake
Diadophis punctatus occidentalis Northwestern Ring-necked Snake Northwestern Ring-necked Snake
Hypsiglena chlorophaea deserticola
(=Hypsiglena torquata deserticola)
Desert Nightsnake Northern Desert Nightsnake
Lampropeltis getula californiae California Kingsnake california kingsnake

california kingsnake
Lampropeltis zonata Caifornia Mountain Kingsnake Caifornia Mountain Kingsnake
Coluber taeniatus taeniatus
(= Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus)
Desert Striped Whipsnake Desert Striped Whipsnake
Pituophis catenifer catenifer Pacific Gopher Snake Pacific Gopher Snake
Pituophis catenifer deserticola Great Basin Gopher Snake Great Basin Gopher Snake
Sonora semiannulata semiannulata Variable Groundsnake Variable Groundsnake
Thamnophis atratus hydrophilus Oregon Gartersnake Oregon Gartersnake
Thamnophis elegans elegans Mountain Gartersnake Mountain Gartersnake
Thamnophis elegans terrestris Coast Gartersnake Coast Gartersnake
Thamnophis elegans vagrans Wandering Gartersnake Wandering Gartersnake

Wandering Gartersnake

Wandering Gartersnake
Thamnophis ordinoides Northwestern Gartersnake nw gartersnake

Northwestern Gartersnake

Northwestern Gartersnake

Northwestern Gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus Red-spotted Gartersnake Red-spotted Gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis fitchi Valley Gartersnake Valley Gartersnake
Thamnophis sirtalis pickeringii Puget Sound Gartersnake Puget Sound Gartersnake


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