Northwest Frogs and Toads

This is a list of frogs and toads found in Oregon and Washington.
Click on the links to see groups of photographs of the frogs and their habitat.

Scientific Name Common Name Sounds
Anaxyrus boreas boreas
(=Bufo boreas boreas)
Boreal Toad Sounds
Anaxyrus woodhousii woodhousii
(=Bufo woodhousii woodhousii)
Rocky Mountain Toad Sounds
Ascaphus montanus Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog  
Ascaphus truei Coastal Tailed Frog  
Lithobates catesbeianus
 (=Rana catesbeiana)  (Introduced)
American Bullfrog Sounds
Lithobates clamitans
(=Rana clamitans) 
Green Frog  
Lithobates pipiens
(=Rana pipiens)
Northern Leopard Frog Sounds
Pseudacris regilla Northern Pacific Treefrog Sounds
Rana aurora Northern Red-legged Frog Sounds
Rana boylii Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Sounds
Rana cascadae Cascades Frog Sounds
Rana luteiventris Columbia Spotted Frog  
Rana pretiosa Oregon Spotted Frog Sounds
Spea intermontana Great Basin Spadefoot Sounds


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