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2003 Additions

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Since I am continually adding more photos and content to this site, I have been asked to list recent additions so those who have seen the site before can see what's new.

Here are some recent additions for 2003, with the most recent on the top:

12/03 The lists have been updated to include changes in the 2003 SSAR list updates.

9/26 - The lists have been updated, including comparisons of the nomenclature used in the new Stebbins field guide and the CNAH site. The lists are more cluttered now, but it's interesting to see the variety of names used by three different expert sources.

Late summer trips around Washington and Idaho produced pictures of these herps:
R. pipiens - Northern Leopard Frog
A. truei - Tailed Frog
P. d. douglasii - Pigmy Short-horned Lizard

U. notata - Colorado Desert Fringe-toed Lizard

Among many finds in a summer trip to Arizona were these California species:
T. b. lambda - Sonoran Lyresnake
R. yavapaiensis - Lowland Leopard Frog
S. couchii - Couch's Spadefoot
B. alvarius - Sonoran Desert Toad

A late July trip to Santa Barbara Island produced pictures of the Island Night Lizard
X. r. reticulata - San Clemente Night Lizard

E. c. shastensis - Shasta Alligator Lizard
T. a. hydrophilus - Oregon Garter Snake
R. boylii - Foothill Yellow-legged frog
A.p.nigra - Black Legless Lizard

Spring trips to the southern deserts and mountains and the Owens Valley produced many new pictures, including these:
E. panamintina - Panamint Alligator Lizard
B. campi - Inyo Mountains Slender Salamander
B. robustus - Kern Plateau Slender Salamander
H. platycephalus - Owens Valley Web-toed salamander
A. e. candida - Mojave Glossy Snake
C.o.occidentalis - Mojave Shovel-nosed Snake
C. o. talpina - Nevada Shovel-nosed Snake
C. o. annulata - Colorado Desert Shovel-nosed Snake
T. hobartsmithi - Smith's Blackheaded Snake
L. h. cahuilae - Desert Threadsnake
C. m. stephensi - Panamint Rattlesnake
C. c. cerastes - Mojave Desert Sidewinder
P. decurtatus - Spotted Leaf-nosed Snake
P. nocticolus - Peninsula Leaf-toed Gecko
X. h. gracilis - Sandstone Night Lizard

Patrick Briggs has contributed some excellent pictures:
P. c. pumilis - Santa Cruz Island Gophersnake
M. f. ruddocki - San Joaquin Coachwhip
M. f. piceus - Red Coachwhip
M. l. lateralis - California Striped Racer

Brad Alexander has contributed some great shots, including:
E. panamintina - Panamint Alligator Lizard
B. campi - Inyo Mountains Slender Salamander
B. robustus - Kern Plateau Slender Salamander
H. platycephalus - Owens Valley Web-toed salamander

Jason Jones has donated some beautiful shots of this hard-to-find snake:
S. h. virgultea - Coast Patch-nosed Snake

Chris Gruenwald has donated some great shots of these snakes:
M. f. fuliginosus - Baja California Coachwhip
T. b. lambda - Sonoran Lyresnake

Eric Stitt has donated a picture of this introduced Nerodia, taken in California:
N. fasciata - Southern Watersnake

Thanks to Rick Staub for letting me photograph some of his snakes:
P. c. catenifer - Pacific Gophersnake - a beautiful striped phase
L. z. zonata - St. Helena Mountain Kingsnake
L. g. californiae - California Kingsnake - a Davis Blackbelly phase

A March backpacking trip on Santa Cruz Island with Tim Burkhardt produced pictures of several island species, including:
B. pacificus - Channel Islands Slender Salamander
B. nigriventris - Black-bellied Slender Salamander
S. o. becki - Island Fence Lizard

On the way home Tim Burkhardt and I stopped to search for this hard to identify animal, and finally found one:
B. incognitus - San Simeon Slender Salamander

Late Winter trips to the southern Sierras, including one with a permitted researcher, produced several new salamander pictures:
B. stebbinsi - Tehachapi Slender Salamander the most photogenic of all the Batrachoseps yet
B. simatus - Kern Canyon Slender Salamander
E. e. croceater - Yellow-blotched Ensatina
T. t. sierrae - Sierra Newt

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