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Movies that Use Pacific Treefrog Calling Sounds by Mistake An Internet Movie Database (IMDB) list of movies that use the sounds of Pacific Treefrogs outside of their natural range or to represent the call of a different species of frog. (Yeah, I knowthe Pacific Treefrogs was split into 3 species and most of the frog call sound effects we hear in Hollywood movies were probably the calls of Baja California Treefrogs which are found in southern California, but for this list, I'm sticking to the name Pacific Treefrog since it is not possible to tell the calls of the 3 species apart.)
Wild Herps John Sullivan's amazing collection of photographs of reptiles and amphibians from all over the world. This guy has been everywhere, it seems.
Snakes On Film Jonathan Crowe nitpicks some of the appearances of snakes in movies and on television.
Top Ten Snake Movies How could they only list ten?
HerpNation Herp Radio, Video, Magazines, News, Blogs, and more.
Ophidiophilia - adventures in herpetology A great collection of information and pictures of snakes and other herps.
LOLSnake!!!1one A lolcats parody by Jonathan Crowe.
List of Fictional Snakes A Wickipedia list. It could use many more additions.
Frogs in Popular Culture A Wickipedia list of myths, ancient beliefs, frogs in media, frogs in proverbs, and more.
List of Fictional Turtles A Wickipedia list of turtles in mythology, literature, media, video games, and more.
Legendary Salamander in Popular Culture
A strange Wickipedia list of salamanders in books, games, and "fire elementals."
Herp Identification Resources

Living Alongside Wildlife

Snake Identification
Facebook Group

These are online resources where you can send in a picture of a snake, dead or alive, and others will write in and try to identify it for you.
I will do the same if you send me a picture and tell me where you found it.
Sea Turtle Monuments This Wickimedia Commons page shows pictures of statues and monuments to sea turtles from all over the world.
Native American Snake Mythology Information, legends, & recommended books of Native American snake stories.
Slither Sisters: Vintage Images of Female Circus Snake Charmers and Their Reptilian Friends "Messaouda" La Charmeuse de Serpents, and other charmers. For even more fun, just Google images of "female snake charmers."

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