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gone herping

observation link is taking a vacation from answering email until .........

You can send me email but you may not get a response.

Please do not send any pictures until then.

Please send email here

with something in the Subject Line that mentions or something related to herps
  • Questions or comments about the web site

  • Questions about reptiles and amphibians found in California, or anywhere else covered by this web site, regarding distribution or identification, etc . (Before asking for help identifying a herp, please look over the identification section. )

  • Reports of interesting sightings or unusual animals in California or the Northwest.

  • Permission to use or buy images, sounds or videos credited to Gary N. or Gary Nafis.
For permission to use images credited to other photographers, find their email address on the list here and email the photographer directly.

If you want to submit photos for use on the site, please ask me first.

This site has been made so much better by the addition of pictures from many different photographers. I am always looking for pictures that illustrate something about an animal that is not already illustrated here or pictures of an animal from a location that is not shown here, but keep in mind that I don't have the time or the space to put up every picture I receive and please don't be offended if I decline your offer.

I do not have any herps for sale.

I don't give out advice on buying animals, either.
There are plenty of good sources for this information on the web. Try for starters.

I cannot give out advice on caring for captive herps.

See the Pet Care Links page for some places to get much better information about herp husbandry than I can give you.

I do not give out specific locations where you can find herps.

I enjoy discussing herping in California, but I don't really have time to be your travel guide and help you plan your trip. Try posting a request for information on one of the field herping forums. Don't be surprised if nobody will tell you exactly where to go since many people are protective of their spots because of damage caused by careless fieldherpers.

Thank you

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