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Women in Fury (1984)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Women in Fury Women in Fury Women in Fury
Women in Fury Women in Fury Women in Fury
Women in Fury The Womaneater Women in Fury
Women in Fury Women in Fury
Women in Fury Women in Fury Women in Fury
This movie was made by an Italian director in Brazil with Brazilian and Italian actors, and dubbed into English. It's one of those Women in Prison or Babes Behind Bars exploitation movies full of sleaze, sex, and violence. It has what you expect to see in the genre - beautiful women running around naked in prison, vicious female guards, an evil warden, a jail break, and plenty more, including a couple of snake scenes.

After a group of prisoners escape and go on the run in the jungle, they stop to rest. One of them sits next to a tree. That's a bad idea in a jungle movie of any kind, because there always seem to be snakes on the trees that are just waiting to bite human flesh for no logical reason. After the woman is bitten on the neck she pulls the snake off and throws it to the ground, but it's too late - the other women choke her to death because her screaming might attract the men with guns and dogs who are chasing them. We see a live snake on the tree, then a fake one around her neck, then a live one thrown to the ground.

In the second snake scene we see two women fugitives fighting in a creek. When a third woman jumps in to stop the fight, she is attacked by a Boa Constrictor that is swimming in the water. First it wraps around her leg. Then it wraps around her ankle. When she gets up we see that it is wrapped around her neck. (I guess we're supposed to assume it is going to choke her to death, but maybe we're supposed to believe all snakes are venomous - it's hard to know how stupid we're supposed to be regarding snakes.) Up to this point we have seen a real live Boa Constrictor wrapped around her and swimming, but when she grabs it with both hands it changes to a large fake boa. Then a prospector who just happened to be standing around with a rifle shoots the snake through the head.

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