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Wild Cactus (1993)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Wild Cactus Wild Cactus Wild Cactus
Wild Cactus Wild Cactus Wild Cactus
Wild Cactus Wild Cactus Wild Cactus
Dust off your VHS machine, this is a really bad softcore sexploitation movie from the 90's, with lots of violence, female nudity, sexual situations, adult language, women taking showers, and worst of all - a soundtrack of mindnumbingly bad smooth jazz saxophone music. The soundtrack alone should give this movie an R rating. And, false advertising alert, there are no cactus in this movie at all! Neither wild nor domesticated.

Philip and Alex are a young couple taking a working vacation at a friend's house in the Arizona desert. They go to a dive bar where they meet a killer ex-con, Randall, and a seductive scantily-clad bisexual hitchhiker he picked up in the desert, Maggie. Randall convinces Philip, a botanist, that he is a guide, and the next morning takes him to find some desert plants, but when they get far into the desert, Randall throws Philip off a big hill. He goes back to the house and both he and Maggie take Alex hostage, if you know what I mean. Philip wakes up to the unlikely sight of a rattlesnake sitting out in the open in the middle of a sunny day. (Species uncertain - maybe a Red Diamond Rattlesnake.) It makes no sense, but he puts on a thick leather glove, pins the snake with a stick, then picks it up and puts it in his shoulder bag (which any snake could escape in five seconds.) He's lost in the middle of the desert, bruised and without water, but still he takes the snake with him. The only thing that makes sense is that he was taking it to use as a weapon, which is exactly what happened later. Philip gets back to the house, shuts the lights off at the fuse box, and goes inside, where he puts the snake bag on the kitchen counter. Randall finds him and demands his car keys, thinking Philip has them. Philip tells him to look in the bag, and guess what happens. Naughty snake. Bitey bitey. Randall picks up the snake and throws it across the kitchen, screaming. But before we can delight in the scumbag Randall's painful envenomation ordeal, the distraction gave Alex enough time to sneak in and blow Randall away with his own handgun. End of movie. I spoiled it for you. Now you never ever have to watch this turd, unless, of course, you're only watching it for the sexploitation, and not the snakexploitation, or maybe you're watching it for the saxploitation, in which case, I didn't spoil anything.

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