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Vanishing Point (1971)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Vanishing Point Vanishing Point Vanishing Point
Vanishing Point Vanishing Point Vanishing Point
"It's the maximum trip... at maximum speed."
"Tighten your seat belt. You never had a trip like this before."
"Watch carefully because everything happens fast. The chase. The desert. The shack. The girl. The roadblock. The end."

A guy we know only as Kowalski, chased by the police, drives his badass 1970 Dodge Challenger off the highway into the desert. When he stops to fix a flat tire, he finds a coiled Mojave rattlesnake next to his car. (Very unlikely, but not impossible.) An old desert rat comes up and nooses it then puts it in a wicker basket. He says he has 6 rattlers, 2 diamondbacks, and now he's got one precious diamondback that hes' going to trade for coffee, sugar, chewing tobacco, salt, flour and beans, lots of beans. They drive to a Christian revival group in the middle of some Joshua trees and he hands their leader the basket. He reaches in and free handles one, sticking his tounge out snake-like. But he says they don't need snakes anymore, now that they have music, and he throws them  all out of the basket at once, shouting "free the vipers" as we see a bunch of rattlesnakes (all real live ones - possibly Red-diamond Rattlesnakes and maybe some Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes or tan Mohave Rattlesnakes) come flying down into our faces, in a great shot. They land a little too close to his followers for my comfort, but they all just go on singing and dancing oblivious to them.

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