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The Killer Snakes (1975)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes
The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes
"First he caught one snake... Then HUNDREDS more!... Then he trained them all to kill!"

This is a Hong Kong horror movie/softcore porn movie from the 70's. Zhihong is a sick and sadistic young man in Hong Kong who is bullied, robbed, and brokenhearted, but when he talks to them, snakes understand him. He lives next to a snake cafe where they keep a lot of snakes in boxes in order to harvest the bile from their gall bladders to serve to their customers. One of the snakes without a gall bladder comes into his Zhihong's bedroom. He talks to the snake, stitches up its wound, and makes a bed for it in a box. The snake heals and then brings a bunch of other snakes for him to heal. When he does, he has his own little snake army to use for revenge.
The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes
The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes
Zhihong loses his job because a gang robbed him, but the second time they rob him his snake shows up and he tells it to bite them all. It springs up and flies through the air at them. Later his whole gang of snakes fly through the air to kill someone. He realizes he can use his snakes to kill other people who have wronged him, and even sets loose a couple of monitor lizards on a woman he has tied up. The ending is no surprise, but there is quite a bit of snake gore, especially in one scene where we see lots of actual snakes cut in pieces with a sword. Whether they were alive first, is hard to say, because the film is so dark it's hard to see much of anything.
The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes The Killer Snakes
Zhihong lives next to a snake cafe where they cut open the belly of a living Cobra and pull out the gall bladder draining the bile into a bowl to use as a drink. (Some Chinese think that the bile of a live snake has healing properties. At least the snakes they use are captive bred, unlike the other species they are exterminating all over the planet for their witchcraft remedies.)

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