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From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
From Dusk 'til Dawn From Dusk 'til Dawn From Dusk 'til Dawn
"From Quentin Tarantino. From Robert Rodriguez. From Dusk Till Dawn"
"One night is all that stands between them and freedom. But it's going to be a hell of a night."

This movie is about vampires or something. I don't remember, and nobody cares. The only thing anyone remembers after seeing it is a big albino Burmese Python dancing on stage. The python gives an Oscar-worthy performance. I could hardly take my eyes off of it. Unfortunately the snake's dance partner, Salma Hayek, kept getting in the way of its performance - what a stage hog! She even removes the snake and goes off on her own to serve Quentin Tarantino some booze by pouring it down her leg into his mouth. Very unsanitary, if you ask me

There are lots of clips on YouTube of this snake's brilliant performance. Here's one, but if it's gone, I'm sure you can find another, because there's nothing lonely guys on the internet love more than watching a big albino python dancing on stage.

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