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Flypaper (1997)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Flypaper Flypaper Flypaper
Flypaper Flypaper Flypaper
Flypaper Flypaper Flypaper
This movie is for adults only, so if any kids are looking at this, go to your room now and stay off my lawn!  It's a good example of how Pulp Fiction ruined movies for a while in the '90's. Many movies, like this one, tried to be similar dark comedy crime stories with lots of casual brutal violence and unexpected clever dialogue, but the writing never lived up to that of Pulp Fiction. Still, I think this one is better than it's given credit, but mostly because it includes the most ridiculously insane and completely over the top example of empty pool sex with rattlesnakes that I've ever seen in a movie. So far. It's definitely a must see for all fans of snakes in movies - or fans of outrageous sex scenes in movies.

There are several groups of characters in the movie who eventually cross paths, but the snake scenes all involve Lucy Liu and James Wilder. Liu is Dot, a Stanford chemistry student who never graduated and is reduced to cooking methamphetamine in a trailer. She is kidnapped and kept prisoner by two thugs who robbed the illicit meth lab, but she escapes, ending up at the house of a guy named Jerry who she calls "snake man," played by James Wilder. When they first meet, he is cooking some snake meat on his outdoor grill. Next we see him milking a rattlesnake's venom. He explains that he makes antivenom by injecting the venom into his horses. He holds up a snake he calls "Ted" and teases Dot to touch it. He can see she's falling for him so he asks her "Are you afraid of snakes?" … "You wanna experience something totally unique? Something that will make you feel immortal?" (I get the feeling he's used this line successfully before.) She's game, so they each drink a vial of his antivenom, which he says takes about two minutes to get into the blood, then they walk to the bottom of his dry swimming pool which is full of rattlesnakes, disrobe, and lay down on a blanket surrounded by rattlesnakes. The rattlesnakes bite them repeatedly, and every time they get bitten Dot and snake man seem to enjoy it even more.

I hope nobody gets the wrong idea about antivenom from this. You can't just drink it! And even if you could, it would not make you completely immune to venomous snake bites! So do not try this at home! But I suppose you could try it with a pool full of harmless snakes. Just be careful not to squash any.

Most of the snakes used in the movie are live Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes, but the pool snakes also include a couple of Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes and a Red Diamond Rattlesnake. The snakes Jerry holds are either dead or incapacitated in some way. I don't have any idea how they filmed the swimming pool scene, but the snakes were very believable. Some of them were probably dead or fake snakes, but at times you can see actual live rattlesnakes moving around next to the couple. These may be behind a glass barrier of some kind or green screen or the result of some other movie magic, but the trickery wasn't really very important since they knewthat nobody would be paying much attention to the snakes.

Watch the trailer.
Flypaper Flypaper Flypaper
Flypaper Flypaper Flypaper
Jerry milks rattlesnakes for their venom, injects it into his horses, and sells it to pay the rent. When we first see him, he's also cooking up some snake meat on his outdoor grill.

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