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Eaten Alive! (1980)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
"Trapped in a jungle of crazy flesh eaters! The terrifying nightmare that became reality!""

This movie is part of the disgusting horror subgenre known as Cannibal Films. Apparently there were a bunch of them made by Italian filmmakers in the 1970s and 1980s. I haven't seen many of them, and I don't plan to. One is probably enough to get the basic idea. I'm sure, like this one, all of them contain plenty of female nudity, rape, torture, brainwashing, castration, drugging, decapitation, disemboweling, and lots of cannibalism - with "cannibals" cutting off body parts and eating them while the victim is still alive (as the title of this film promises.) It's all intended to shock and disgust you, and it might, if you lose your sense of disbelief enough to forget that it's all make-up and special effects. (What disturbs me more than the gore is realizing that there is an audience for this nonsense - and I guess I have to include myself since I watched it because of the snakes.) But what I found most disgusting about this movie were several scenes of live animals being killed and dismembered. Italian exploitation cinema is known for having lots this kind of horrible onscreen animal violence. Here we see a live crocodile, a live monitor lizard, and a live snake all being killed with knives. I don't show any of those scenes here.

There are several snake scenes in this movie:

Eaten Alive Eaten Alive Eaten Alive
When the main characters Sheila and Mark arrive at a villiage in New Guinea, they are taken and locked in a room. Sheila sees a basket and opens it exposing a cobra. Mark simply puts the basket lid back on. But then they get the brilliant idea to kill the cobras, leave the basket opened, and lie down on the floor as if they both died from cobra bites. When the man who imprisoned them comes in, he thinks they are dead so Mark is able to knock him down and grab his gun.

Eaten Alive Eaten Alive Eaten Alive
When Mark and Sheila are in a boat on the river they see a python killing and eating a monkey. This is a disturbing clip, with lots of close-up shots of the monkey's head, eyes open, in the mouth of the snake.

When Mark and Sheila are camped in the jungle at night, Mark freaks out because he sees a snake on a branch, but nothing comes of it.

In another scene, Mark climbs a tree to hide from some cannibals and sees another snake on a branch. Again, nothing happens.

As part of his brainwashing of Sheila, Jonas, the cult leader, cuts a live snake and drains his blood. What he does with the blood to Sheila is too horrible to describe here.

Eaten Alive Eaten Alive Eaten Alive
Mark spies on some cannibals in a cave reaching into a large bowl of green water and pulling out thin green snakes which they rip apart with their teeth and eat alive.

Eaten Alive Eaten Alive Eaten Alive
When Mark and Sheila get to a village hidden in the jungle where Jonas has brought his followers, they watch some men pick up and milk a cobra of its venom then put the venom on the tip of a blow-gun dart. The movie begins with several poison-dart murders in New York, and typical of movie snake venom, it kills people impossibly fast, almost immediately after they are struck by the dart.

Eaten Alive Eaten Alive Eaten Alive
Eaten Alive Eaten Alive Eaten Alive
There are two scenes of snakes fighting - a mongoose fighting a cobra, and what looks like a mangrove snake fighting a large bird. We don't see the outcome of either of those fights. According to IMDB comments, most of these scenes are taken from other Cannibal films and inserted into this one just for their shock value.

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