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Cult of the Cobra (1955)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra
Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra
Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra
Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra Cult of the Cobra
Somewhere in Asia in 1945 six American Air Force G.I.s pay a snake charmer to take them to a secret meeting of Lamians, who believe that men and women can turn into snakes and back again, featuring a performance by a snake woman that no outsiders have ever seen. He warns them that if they are discovered to be outsiders, they will all be cursed and killed one by one. One of them takes a flash photo and ruins it for everybody. Then he tries to take the snake in its basket. He's the first to get bitten and die. The rest of them fly to New York City the next day and the cobra goddess follows to get her revenge. It's a given in movies that a snake woman is always exotic and beautiful, and Faith Domergue does not disappoint in that regard, but it's hard to believe she's also a snake, even if every animal she gets near is afraid of her. We don't get to see her transform into a snake, we only see her shadow change and her dead snake body change back into the woman. You didn't think she was going to survive did you? They never do.
We see one real cobra with the snake charmer, and a killer puppet cobra, and there's a short but interesting snake dance where a woman dressed in painted up tights that make her look nothing like a snake crawls out of a basket onto the floor and wraps herself around the shoulders of a man, in a re-inactment of how the cobra goddess saved the Lamians and why they worship her. We also get to see some fun snake-vision shots from the killer cobra's point of view.

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