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Black Samurai (1977)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Black Samurai Black Samurai Black Samurai
Black Samurai Black Samurai Black Samurai
Black Samurai Black Samurai Black Samurai
Black Samurai Black Samurai Black Samurai
Jim Kelly was in "Enter The Dragon" with Bruce Lee, and then some other martial arts movies, then he made this trashy low-budget exploitation turkey. It's a laugh riot filled with bad acting, unbelievable fight coreography, and the worst overdubbing of lines and the cheeziest explosive fight sound effects I've ever heard, all accompanied by the kind of wah wah guitar commercial library music that immediately conjures up low-budget 1970s action or porn. But it also has a jail cell full of killer rattlesnakes, so that automatically makes it worth watching.

Kelly plays Black Samura whose real name is Robert Sand, an agent for some kind of secret spy organization that absoultely does not matter a bit in the movie. His girlfriend is kidnapped by The Warlock, an evil crime boss with an army of the most inept fighters ever, and a huge pet vulture that he commands to kill Sand. Sand practices his martial arts in his living room on his shag carpet when he's not airing out his huge afro in his purple convertible sports car, which is tricked out with shotguns to blow out other cars' tires, and a huge car phone with a long coiled cord. Sand also flies through the air in a personal jet pack. One minute he's in Southern California, the next minute he's flying over some place green and tropical. I guess they didn't think we'd notice the radical change in geography. When The Warlock locks him in a jail cell full of killer rattlesnakes, Sand reaches into his red track suit to pull out his flame-thrower pen to fight off the snakes and then break the lock. There's another guy inside who was recently killed by the snakes, snakes which, unlike every other snake in the entire world, do not try to head for dark confined places to hide, and can't manage to simply crawl through the bars of the door to escape, but instead, either wander around in the middle of the cell or stay wrapped around the neck of the guy they killed. Very silly snakes. Spoiler Alert: After fighting off a thousand inept henchmen with one kick or punch, then destroying the one guy who was able to hit him back, Black Samurai locks The Warlock into the cell to be killed by his own snakes. Oh what justice!

We see a few live rattlesnakes in the cell, probably Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes, along with a lot of gopher snakes. We see cutaway shots of live rattlesnakes on the floor, but the living actors in dead guy makeup are wrapped up in gopher snakes for the obvious reason that wrapping them up in live rattlesnakes might prove to be unpleasant if the snakes started biting.

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