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Sorcerer (1977)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Sorcerer Sorcerer Sorcerer
When I learned that William Friedkin had re-made "The Wages of Fear" I had no interest in seeing it since nothing could improve the classic 1953 French film, other than not having to read subtitles. But when I saw it at my library I took a chance and watched it and was surprised at how great it is, with lots of suspense and amazing action sequences (on location in the jungle) but it also has an unusually heavy feeling of despair and failure for an action movie and a happy, but not so happy, ending, and that's probably why it was a commercial disaster. If Star Wars going into wide release at the same time Sorcerer opened didn't guarantee its failure, then the mysterious title and the lack of a big name star certainly doomed it. (Friedkin says he had the name (in French) painted on one of the nitroglycerin trucks after listening to the Miles Davis album "Sorcerer" then decided to make it the name of the movie (which was going to be called "Ballbreaker."

Roy Scheider (the sherriff in "Jaws" 2 years earlier) stars as Jackie Scanlon, an American outcast forced to hide out from the Mob in a squalid village in South America. When we first see him in the village, we see several shots of the poverty and wretchedness of the place where he ended up - drunks sleeping on piles of garbage, naked babies walking on dirty streets, bloody animal carcasses carried through town, ramshackle tin-roofed buildings, and then we see a large green anole lizard on a cloth curtain inside the crowded grimy barracks where Scanlon is living. The camera pans down the lizard to Scanlon's hand clenched and sweating as he sleeps, having nightmares about his violent past. Then he wakes up and we are treated to more glamourous views of his 5 star accomodations. In context, it looks like we're supposed to see the lizard as part of the squalor of his living situation - which is so disgusting there are lizards hanging over your bed, but it's certainly a less than minor detail and probably not something anybody would notice except a movie herp nerd.

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