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There are hundreds of movies with alligators and crocodiles in them, including every Tarzan movie, most movies with the word "swamp" or "jungle" in the title, and plenty of horror movies where they are huge bloodthirsty killers. This is not meant to be a list of every movie with a crocodile or alligator in it, only a list of some of those I've seen recently or heard about. When I see or learn of a new one, I'll add it to the list.

None of the brief descriptions below give away important plot information you won't want to know before watching a movie, but when you click on a movie name, you will go to a page with pictures and information that might contain spoilers.

Most of these are live-action feature fiction films or tv movies (not single tv episodes, commercials, animated films, or nature documentaries) that mostly use real crocodilians, with some exceptions.

Links lead to pictures and information about the crocodilians and the movies on one of the pages listed above.

The 10th Victim (1965)

A victim in a legal human hunting club plans to kill the woman who is hunting him by throwing her in a pool with a hungry crocodile.
The 10th Victim
Adaptation (2002)

A night chase through a Florida swamp turns ugly when one of the pursuers is torn apart by alligators.
Adaptation Alligators
The Alligator People (1959)

A man receives an experimental medical treatment that turns him into an alligator.
The Alligator People
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004) 

Big Pharma goons seeking a magic flower in Borneo encounter killer crocodiles.
Anacondas HBO
The Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call: New Orleans (2009)

An alligator trying to cross a road gets killed and causes an auto accident.

Bad Lieutenant
Distant Drums (1951)

An alligator pulls a soldier underwater in the Florida Everglades and the "Wilhelm Scream" is born.
Distant Drums
Dr. Cyclops (1940)

Little people shrunk by a mad scientist fight off an alligator.
Dr. Cyclops
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Evil cult members fall into a river full of crocodiles where they are eaten alive.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Crocodiles
Live and Let Die (1973) 

Threatened by man-eating crocodiles, James Bond walks across their backs to escape.
Live and Let Die
Louisiana Story (1948) 

A young boy encounters several alligators in a Louisiana bayou in this classic documentary from Robert Flaherty.

The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932)

A British Secret Service man is captured by diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu and strapped to a device that slowly lowers him into a pit full of alligators.
The Mask of Fu Manchu
Murders in the Zoo (1933) 

A man throws his wife into a pond full of alligaters that kill and eat her.
Murders In The Zoo
The Naked Prey (1965) 

You can't make a jungle adventure movie without a few crocodiles.
The Naked Prey
Octopussy (1983) 

James Bond hides himself in a fake crocodile to sneak across a lake full of real crocs to get to an island.
Papillon (1973) 

Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman are prisoners in the tropics who are forced to wrestle with a crocodile.
Repligator (1996)

Military scientists create a transporter device that fails and accidentally turns men into women who then develop alligator heads.
Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) #1

A man tries to swim to a raft but gets dragged under by a crocodile. Tarzan escapes some pursuing crocodiles by jumping on the back of a hippopatamus.
Tarzan the Ape Man
Tarzan and His Mate (1934) #2

Tarzan saves Jane from a crocodile and Cheetah escapes from one by paddling a log to the shore.

Tarzan and His Mate
Tarzan Escapes (1936) #3

Tarzan dives into a lake to rescue a baby deer and wrestles a huge crocodile underwater.
Tarzan Escapes
Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939) #4

Boy feeds a crocodile like a pet and outswims some trying to eat him.

Tarzan Finds a Son

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