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Murders in the Zoo (1933)
Spoiler Alert !

Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching the film.
Murders In The Zoo Murders In The Zoo Murders In The Zoo
Murders In The Zoo Murders In The Zoo Murders In The Zoo

This is a horror movie with some pretty nasty violence, but for me the most horrible thing is the terrible living conditions we see for the animals at a zoo in 1933. There's also too much forced comedy, but there are lots of scenes with snakes, and a grisly scene with some allgators.

Lionel Atwill is nice and creepy as Eric Gorman, a rich guy who comes back from India with a lot of wild animals for a zoo. (Never mind that he's bringing chimpanzees and a "green mamba" and other animals that are only found in Africa.) He is very jealous of his wife Evelyn, played by the beautiful Kathleen Burke, so when he finds out she's planning to leave with another man he kills him with a severed snake head device full of mamba venom at a fancy publicity dinner at the zoo, and blames it on an escaped mamba, shutting down the zoo. When Evelyn finds the snake head device, she goes to the zoo to tell Dr. Woodford (Randolph Scott) the zoo's toxicologist, but Eric stops her and throws her into a pond full of alligators that eat her alive. The next day some boys fish out part of her dress, and that's how her death is discovered.


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